Have you found the property you like and now you want to know what you have to do for buying it? Just contact us and we shall follow you steo by step during all the acquisition process. The acquisition process requires some passages that typically include:

  • A formal offer for the acquisition
  • Acquisition Preliminary stipulation
  • The notarial certificate, contract signed in the Notary's presence

In every phase, our expert personnel is able to fulfill advice for finding the best solutions for according the different nations fiscality.

The villas are offered upon design

The total price includes the building turnkey, with kitchen, bathrooms, fireplace, barbeque, swimming-pool, special equippments, shelter/gazebo for 1 or 2 vehicles, land, ecc, as described by the specifications.


The price of the holiday-houses, except for different cases, are clearely indicated. Ulterior costs are the 10% of the Acquisition (VAT) for the non-residents or Stamp Duty, cadastre Tariffs, registratiojn fees, Notary Costs, (gas, elettricity and phone connections) and, if necessary, quantity survisors, legal and fiscal assistance. The payment conditions are subject to agreement with the promoter.


  • Guided tours with accomodation (special prices upon accomodation structure reservation)
  • Mortgage of the structures
  • Legal counsel with layers Italian and English
  • Notary
  • Inquieris and technical valuations
  • Insurance


All the new properties are sold with a warranty of 10 years.

Come to the Apulia to visit us, we shall organize your stay.

You will enjoy our hospitality and you will have the possibility to appreciate our real estate proposals and our lovely Salento.

Would you like to design your dream house?

If you want to satisfy particular needs it is possible to personalize the proposed projects. Such faculty can be fulfilled upon specific request of the customer or by appointment with our designer architect for acording on those adjustings that will make your house in the Apulia unique, esactly the way you have imagined it.

Would you like to buy a house in the Apulia?

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